• Dedicated streaming for Country Music Artists.

  • Simple, easy to use high quality streaming to your own channel.

  • Packages based on monthly stream hours.

  • Stream to your own website!

Country Music Factory - Streaming Channels

When you sign up, you will get your very own virtual venue ready for live streaming! Your viewers do not need to sign up to anything to use this system. Your broadcast channel can be either public, for anyone to view or, private. For private channels you simply provide viewers with the login details to your private virtual venue for that week/month and you are good to go! Viewers just login from any device, from anywhere, to watch your live stream and access previous recordings. Private is great for those that have a subscription service in place already, public is best for donation type performances.

These virtual venues are developing rapidly with extra features being added as requirements change.

Looking to stream to your own website?

No problem! If you prefer to stream your broadcast to your own website rather than a CMF channal then no problem at all. We will provide you with your unique embed codes to place within your website. Just sign up for a channel in the same way and we will walk you through getting setup.

Please note, private logins are not supported with this streaming method, this would need to be setup within your own website. Please ensure you have enough bandwidth with your website hosting service, requirements will depend on the amount of viewers but most hosting will handle lower viewers numbers.

Stream Channel Features

  • High Quality Live Stream

    A steady high quality live stream using high spec servers with quick delivery.

  • Live Chat Box

    Chat live with your viewers using the simple channel chat box listing previous 50 messages in real time.

  • Automatic recording with replay on-demand

    All live streams are automatically recorded and will expire after one month.

  • No viewer signup required

    Viewers do not need to sign up to our website to watch. Private Channels might require sign up with Artist.

  • Direct donation tip box

    All channels include a TIP BOX which is a direct link to the artist donation platform.

  • Channels can be private or public

    Private channels will require login and the login details are provided by the Artist to the viewers/subscribers.

  • Free Support

    Email support is available free for all broadcast channel members.

Easy To Use

No matter the level of your computer skills, this system is designed for ease of use. It could not be simpler! Download a free app for mobiles, tablets and laptop/computers (OBS), we will walk you through getting setup (with NO setup fees) then once you are ready to start streaming, you simply open the app and at the click of a button you can GO LIVE.

A high quality professional streaming service, that is very easy to use, enabling you to perform without the issues experienced on other platforms.

Pricing & Add-ons

  • Standard Package

  • up to 15 Hours streaming per month

  • up to 250 viewers at any one stream

  • Public channel

  • Embed to website

  • Free support

  • Apply Now
  • Private Channel Add-On

  • Same features as Standard Package

  • Makes channel private

  • Login details provided

  • Up to 4 password changes per month

  • Free support

  • Apply Now
  • Extra Add-On's

  • £5 per month for every extra 5 hours

  • £10 per month for up to 500 viewers

  • Custom packages available

  • Extended support available

  • Managed events available

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download recordings?

Videos cannot be downloaded and are automatically deleted after one month. However, videos can be recorded on your live streaming device when using the free larix app. These can then be used for your own purposes. Manual deletion requests can be sent to support.

Can I see how many viewers are watching?

Not at the moment is the short answer. This is because viewers do not have to sign up to watch. We are finding more and more viewers watching the re-plays rather than the live sessions. (Tip Box also on this player).

Is there a free trial?

Yes, there is a free 7 day trial available. Please contact us if you would like to try the system out. (limited to minimum package)

Who can apply?

If you are a country music artist and play any style of country then you can sign up. Other genres can also be performed but your main focus as an artist should be country music. Country music clubs, venues and promotors can also sign up to stream their events live.

What are the payment terms?

Your subscription begins as soon as your initial payment is processed. Invoices are setup for re-occurring monthly payments. You can cancel at any time by emailing contact@countrymusicfactory.com, your payment is non-refundable, and your service will continue until the end of that month’s billing period.

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