CMF Logo

Welcome to the CMF live broadcast stream. This system has been setup to support the industry during the Coronavirus epademic and to support the online country music club facebook group. Please show your support to the artists by donating via their paypal donate links. If you cannot afford to support them at this time then you can support them by sharing, liking and telling others about their music. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Thank you for your support.

Chat Room Rules

The chat feature is open to anyone without registering, abuse of this in any way will result in the user being banned by IP address and/or user account. This includes:
• Use of bad language (automatic ban)
• Promoting in any way other than for the performing artist
• Selling in any way other than for the performing artist

Do Please

• Keep the chat comments focused on the performance or using the chat.
• Share any artist content
• Promote the artists when ever you can
• Enjoy the music
• Stay safe