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Factory is coming.

About CMF?

CMF (Country Music Factory) is a pioneering initiative which promises to be a game changer for the UK and European Country Music industry.

In a nutshell, we are heightening awareness of the Country Music genre in the UK and Europe by creating an online hub designed to promote UK and European Country Artists as well as international artists who are touring the UK and Europe.

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"A game changer for the UK Country Music industry"

"We will support, nurture and embrace the diverse and constantly evolving nature of this genre, thus ensuring that it’s place in the future remains strong"

There are lots of exciting plans in the pipeline here at CMF. Our aim to create a wealth of resources for artists and DJs whilst propelling the country music genre into the 21st Century and the UK mainstream music scene. These are just some of the plans currently under development:

  • Radio Play Charts
  • CMF Artist Tours
  • CMF Awards
  • Songwriters Den
  • CMF TV Show
  • CMF Academy
  • Radio Station Database
  • Online Gig Booking
  • CMF Showcase
  • CMF Support
  • Gig Import/Export
  • 'Find a gig near me' APP